If You Read Anything, Read This.

You are beautiful. Yes, you, reading this. You are all beautiful. If you don’t agree, dear reader, I must kindly ask you to remove your nose from my blog. Whether you’re a size 6 or a size 30, an XS or a 3XL, you are beautiful. No matter the colour of your hair, or your eyes, or your skin, regardless of your braces or acne or height. You are important, and you are beautiful. You have the power to change something today; the way you feel about yourself. Take some time. Bathe in your most expensive bath bomb. Go for a walk through the park. Do some yoga, or sit and mediate. Do something that suits you. This is your daily reminder to love yourself, because it matters.

My mum just came home. She was a bit distraught. What are we doing to our young generation? She asked me. She rambled on about Instagram and low wages and body image and a general sense of pressure to do well. I wholeheartedly agreed. It was wonderful for someone to acknowledge it, in fact, as I sprawled across the floor to stretch out the muscles in my legs that had cramped because I pushed myself too hard at work last night, again. Where’s the deep heat? She’s bought a lottery ticket. She does that sometimes, just to see. She has vowed the money to charity if she wins. She’s great, my mum. She wants to make a difference.

My mum isn’t alone: there are other people out there who recognise your struggle. Reach out, tell people how you feel, ask others to do the same. Your blessings to count are the loves in your life, not the followers on your Instagram. Spread the love, share the message, because more and more I feel as though it’s something we all need to hear. If you’re not okay, tell somebody. It’s important. You are important. Spread the word.

K x

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