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Review: Tea Tree Face Scrub

I basically bought this product on a complete whim. I knew my skin needed some sort of a pick-me-up, but ever since going vegan I’ve struggled to find products that are good for my skin, the environment and the animals. It hasn’t been my top priority, if I’m honest; I’m so please with my post-Roaccutane skin that a little unevenness is nothing in comparison! I had acne for seven years before I managed to get rid of the horrid condition, so ...

#11 Weekly Reflection – New Flat Excitement!

Editing this weeks’ vlog was really interesting – with the turn of the season my emotions are really up-and-down, and I always find reflection really useful when that sort of thing happens. That might sound a bit hippie-dippy, but it really does work. Vlogging in general I find is great for my mental health – it gives me an outlet that is completely separate from my working life, my social life and my uni life and it’s a hobby ...
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Charity Shop Haul!

Okay, so it’s probably been over a month since Joe and I went charity shopping and in that vlog I swore I would do a charity shop haul to go on my channel along with it! As I knew Joe was interested in getting into YouTube I decided to hold off until we could do it together. Unfortunately, our schedules are forever clashing (shift work, urgh!) so in the end, I decided to film it by myself. Obviously I don’t have all of the stuff ...