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Review: The Body Shop Hair Mask

I’m quite open about the fact that I have awful hair. Over the years I’ve had pretty much every hair colour under the sun, but I’ve bleached it to bones in the process. I’m just starting to get some life back into it (partly thanks to this godsend of a hair mask), but it’s by no means healthy. I don’t mind that. I’m not perfect and never will be and I think that’s quite appropriately reflected in my appearance. If I tried to be, I think I’d ...
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Makeup Brush Favourites

Makeup brushes is something I’ve only started to branch out on recently – until just a couple of months ago the only brushes I owned were Eco Tools, simply because I knew they were vegan & cruelty free. It wasn’t until I started to do a little more research that I discovered how many amazing brands there are out there! It’s great to have a variety because different products often require different levels of firmness or textures. ...

Why Dating Sucks.

I touched on this lightly in my first weekly vlog, but it’s quite an intense subject so I didn’t go into it in much depth. Although it’s my first, I’ve really enjoyed weekly vlogging. It’s like keeping a diary; having someone to talk to without the burdens that come with offloading onto a real person. However, with it being my first weekly and not having talked about much personal on my Youtube channel before, I felt bare and vulnerable ...