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Greece, Day Three.

This was originally posted in 2016 on  April 17, 2016 Needless to say, the two of us woke up at midday with pounding headaches. Promising one another we would have a sensible day, we set off for Matala for more breakfast waffles. Every morning, we went to that cafe, and every single time Toni had the same thing on his waffles. This particular morning I really, really didn’t feel like anything sticky ...
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Greece, Day Two.

This was originally posted in 2016 on ♡ (all p   April 16, 2016 Today, we slept in until late. A combination of the raki and the minor jet lag you get from falling four hours behind was responsible for that. We finally dragged ourselves out of bed and got ready for around 12:30. Toni is forever complaining at how long it takes me to get ready, but my acne is just getting worse and worse). We drank Mythos (a ...
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Greece, Day One.

This post was first published on in April 2016 April 15, 2016 The alarm went off at 4am. We’d only gone to bed five hours earlier, though I’m not sure I slept at all given the day I’d had. Getting out of bed was hard, and I mean really, really hard. The previous day had been simultaneously horrendous, joyous and a little bit life-changing, so I’d been celebrating/drowning rather ...