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#12 Weekly Reflection – Turning 22.

This weekly was by far my favourite to edit so far. I’ve spoken before about how much I enjoy putting together my weekly vlogs, but rewatching my birthday week was so much fun – especially as I was unable to enjoy it on the day thanks to a stomach bug! This year was the first time I really thought: It’s my birthday again. I’m getting old! Now, that’s probably a bit of an overreaction but there are moments when I look around and wonder ...

Why I’m Not Vegan Anymore

“Aren’t you supposed to be vegan?” I get asked this question often. People generally get confused as to my status on the whole vegan debate because I sometimes eat dairy, now, but still get referred to as “bloody vegan” (and, yes, that joke gets old), and still believe in the vegan lifestyle. People laugh when I say I’m “vegan-ish”, as though that’s not a real thing, as though eating ...