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#11 Weekly Reflection – New Flat Excitement!

Editing this weeks’ vlog was really interesting – with the turn of the season my emotions are really up-and-down, and I always find reflection really useful when that sort of thing happens. That might sound a bit hippie-dippy, but it really does work. Vlogging in general I find is great for my mental health – it gives me an outlet that is completely separate from my working life, my social life and my uni life and it’s a hobby ...
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Top Tips For Moving House!

I’m moving house in a few weeks – and it’ll be the eighth time in three years. Yikes. That’s kind of unsettling to admit. Needless to say, I haven’t found myself settled anywhere in a fair while – ever since I left my family home, to be completely honest. Due to my issues with anxiety, I find it difficult to live with other people. Without meaning to sound high-maintenance, I need my environment to be a ...