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#12 Weekly Reflection – Turning 22.

This weekly was by far my favourite to edit so far. I’ve spoken before about how much I enjoy putting together my weekly vlogs, but rewatching my birthday week was so much fun – especially as I was unable to enjoy it on the day thanks to a stomach bug! This year was the first time I really thought: It’s my birthday again. I’m getting old! Now, that’s probably a bit of an overreaction but there are moments when I look around and wonder ...
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Greece, Day Six.

This was originally posted on <3 20 April, 2016 Typically, the day before we leave, Toni and I are becoming accustomed to the time difference here in Crete and managed to wake up at a reasonable time this morning! Again, we drove to Matala for yet more breakfast waffles (you can’t beat chocolate and bananas on a waffle) before we set about our day. As we sat outside the cafe a small, stray cat ...
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Greece, Day Five.

This post was first published on (all other posts have now been deleted) <3 April 19, 2016 This morning Toni was still very ill (“it’s like the scene from psycho, only with raki and feta cheese”, I heard from the bathroom) so our plans to visit Faistos and Knossos were cancelled – not only was he too sick to make it out of our hotel room, he was probably unsafe to drive, too! We ...