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#13 Weekly Reflection – Keeping Up With Blogmas

This week’s weekly was quite an important video for me – it’s not a vlog in the usual sense, and that feels strange. Also, it’s Thursday. I’ve been so unbelievably ill the past couple of weeks that, not only did I miss out on a whole weekly vlog (and I filmed the update below in place of it), but I’ve fallen behind on all of my social media groups, blog posts and uploads. I just don’t have the energy for it, at the minute. I keep ...
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Makeup Brush Favourites

Makeup brushes is something I’ve only started to branch out on recently – until just a couple of months ago the only brushes I owned were Eco Tools, simply because I knew they were vegan & cruelty free. It wasn’t until I started to do a little more research that I discovered how many amazing brands there are out there! It’s great to have a variety because different products often require different levels of firmness or textures. ...

Foundation Favourites!

One thing I’ve found since going vegan is how hard it is to get recommendations on vegan makeup products! There are plenty of great blogs which do ‘vegan lists’ telling you which products from certain brands are vegan (these have been godsends for me recently! Try The Ethical Evolution or Alien on Toast), but I haven’t managed to find many which do product recommendations – so if I’ve already tried a product and loved it, I can ...