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The Ultimate Vegan Store-Cupboard Shopping List!

this list is all about long-life foods you can have ready in your store cupboard so that all you need to is buy your main ingredients (like tofu or vegetables) and you’ll have everything you need to flavour-up and protein-power your meal!
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Makeup Brush Favourites

Makeup brushes is something I’ve only started to branch out on recently – until just a couple of months ago the only brushes I owned were Eco Tools, simply because I knew they were vegan & cruelty free. It wasn’t until I started to do a little more research that I discovered how many amazing brands there are out there! It’s great to have a variety because different products often require different levels of firmness or textures. ...
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Is Honey Vegan?

Okay, so this is an interesting one, and something I read a lot about when I first decided to make a conscious effort to reduce my meat and dairy intake. I should probably state, for the record, that I am no longer 100% vegan. I was, for about a year, and whilst my working hours where fewer and my life was less hectic it was easy to find ways to ensure I was getting all of the vital nutrients my body needed. Then came a promotion which now ...